Winchester Cathedral

Today I returned to Winchester as I had an appointment. I left home at 8.30am some 6 hours before the required time, that meant lot of photography, well that was what is was supposed to be.


There is a complete failure by the council to supply parking areas, no problem really but i can see this issue can only be damaging the areas income with tourism being hit? Everywhere I went nothing!


Winchester War Memorial stands outside the front of the City’s Cathedral.

That is to the exception of Winchester Cathedral where I have been several times before and I have photographed before so the pictures may be almost the same as those I have posted before?


Most places these days do have a Park and Ride facility, I didn’t have time to find out if they do today and it really would not have been the answer to my problem. Great shame really as there are a lot of places I did try to stop close to, I just could not do so.


I used this one today as a Postcard via the Touchnote app.


A busk of William Walker

When huge cracks started to appear in the early 1900s, the Cathedral seemed in danger of complete collapse. Early efforts to underpin its waterlogged foundations failed until William Walker, a deep-sea diver, worked under water every day for six years placing bags of concrete. You’ll find a small statue of him at the far end of the Cathedral.

Read more about William Walker.

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