Concern over what?

We are planning our move to Florida in the coming years and for a while I was sort of concerned that the things I like to photograph are not available there. My favourites to photograph are Churches, Castles and other more ‘aged’ architecture.


Salisbury Cathedral – I just do not see the like of this magnificent building being in the United States? But do feel free to prove me wrong!

I know that the hundreds of years available in England simply do not exist in the US, so castles like Conwy Castle and the much older Churches like Salisbury Cathedral are not going to be in the US for instance.

Conwy Castle – are there such structures in the United States?

But I look at Kelly Hay’s page for instance and I see the magnificent wildlife I just know I am going to love it.

I’m not going blind, my wife, who is from sarasota, has taken me a few times now and although it takes a while living in a oven constantly I find the people very pleasant and the hospitality of so many second to none really. The UK could learn so much, FACT!

My pictures whilst in the United States have so far included Florida, Washington DC, New York, Statue of Liberty, Alabama and some other stunning places.


The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a magnificent Structure built after such a huge tragedy and loss of life.


Some of the Florida Wildlife – Stunning.

2013-08-19 12.44.01

I have so many pictures of these magnificent beasts, well thats why I am now known as Gater at home. So dangerous yet so majestic. 


Ybor City – Tourism – Outstanding.


The New Tower


Lincoln Memorial in DC

So what am I worried about? So I look forward to my move, you never know we may even meet up through a lens one day!

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