The work to repair the damage go underway yesterday and I am told it ‘should’ all be finished by tomorrow! I am hoping that means we will get Bess back in time for the weekend and my birthday celebrations on Friday!


The last picture about 2 days before her MOT failure – at a repair centre.

My wife has expressed a desire to keep her just a little while longer but she will be sold this year at some point all being well. We plan on visiting Crewkerne  as well as Wookey Hole in Somerset before our trip to Florida in the Summer (July – August).

The issue we have now is time as I am to start a new job on Monday 22nd May so no more casual trips to forgotten places anymore just because I can! I am afraid those days are over.

I have asked the garage to take and send me photographs during the repair process. I therefore hope I can update this page in a few hours or tomorrow once received – BUT don’t hold your breath!!

Because of all the issues I have had, and the need for a car for my new job, I went and purchased another car! It’s a VW Polo Automatic. We decided on automatic because of the trouble I am having with my knees and changing gear, to reduce wear and tear shall we say!

Keep watching 🙂

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