25th November 2014 approximately  I was hit by a stone on the A3(M) southbound that came from a large truck, it hit the bonnet and then the windscreen shattering the lower right hand side of the windscreen. I contacted Autoglass who arranged a date and time when I could have the windscreen replaced here at home by one of their chaps.On the date given I received a phone call from their fitter asking if I would mind going into their local garage to have the work done, reason given was the weather and he had not done the windscreen on a classic mini before, I agreed and took it in as agreed.I wanted to take pictures of the process but was refused permission and I had to wait in the waiting room. It took 10 minutes, I was astounded the fitter told me it was so easy and he wished they were all as easy! I drove away and parked up on the Friday.On the following Sunday I had to drive the mini to Felixstowe to collect a mini trailer, the weather was appalling I do not think I have ever seen rain so bad, so bad in fact I noticed the rain pouring in through the windscreen down the dashboard and onto the newly fitted carpets. (You can see the water coming in on the attached video)

All the lights started to flicker, both internal and external and my feet were getting soaked. I pulled over and tried to stop the water getting in smashing my head on the steering column do so, nothing I could do! I eventually got home, thought all sort could be wrong with the car and contacted Autoglass the next day, I was so calm after all the last on the phone didn’t do the work but god I was so cross. I was asked to take the mini back to the depot where the manager inspected it and he (to his credit) immediately put his hands up apologising, the fitter had a) not fitted the bead b) not squirted in the sealant that goes between the seal and the frame.The car has been in the garage now for some four weeks undergoing extensive repairs electrical and cosmetic. The dashboard has to be replaced completely a the whole thing just peeled away. The carpets shrunk they got so wet and needed to be replaced the list is endless, thankfully they did admit the error and they are paying for the repairs!!


Not looking too good, seal is too low and they have scratched the paintwork.

I wanted to expand this because I am unable to put up pictures on the blogging page. I went to collect the car on the 22 December 2014 as I was told the car was ready for collection. I went and inspected the work and nearly had a fit as the finished work was nowhere near the standard of workmanship one would expect from a professional and countrywide company as Autoglass.


The sealant has been left smudged all over the car.


Sealant not cleaned away and left all over the car.


Again, showing the sealant left all over the body of the car.

What I cannot show is the blobs of sealant left all over the newly sprayed bonnet and roof top. The interior also has new carpets and there was these balls of sealant all over the carpet which the manager of A&J Lawrence and myself painstakingly removed ourselves to prevent other damage. There was also a cloth or rag that had been used left thrown on the drivers chair with cardboard and other crap left inside the car.


Left in a shocking state.

To say I feel annoyed at the people in Autoglass would be an understatement and for the first time yesterday I asked to be compensated for this absolute disregard and disrespect of my property. Clearly some people have a lot to learn in their chosen trade.

January 9th 2015

I contacted LV insurance the other day (I forget when as I have just returned from hospital post op) I think it was Wednesday 7th January 2015. I was contacted on the 5th by the Autoglass fitter saying they were at A&J Lawrence to remove and replace the windscreen. They had an issue with the window seal and wanted to know if I minded a newer type of seal being used on the car.I asked if the paint had been repaired as it was scratched during the last ‘repair’ attempt I was told they had not been sent to do that, they were just there to put the window in correctly. I said that was not the planned course of work and that they were only meant to be removing the windscreen initially so the paintwork could be done as agreed with the manager from Southampton on the 22nd December 2014.

Apparently after that conversation they phoned their office office, packed their tools and left. This meant nothing could be done so the Mini was parked outside of the garage again in this awful weather waiting for Autoglass to sort out their act.So I called in today and asked if they had heard from AUTOGLASS, nothing! They said they can still do nothing without the authority from AUTOGLASS. I have today written to the complaints Ombudsman and the BBC (RIP OFF BRITAIN) as a name and shame exercise. I have told them I want compensating for all this unprofessional nonsense. I am really pissed off with these people treating something so precious to me like a piece of crap!


I am told that the go ahead has been given by AUTOGLASS and A&J Lawrence are now doing an estimate for the work needed, that is even though they have just been told to get on with the work and bill them. I am told the work should start on Monday or Tuesday and the car should be home with me by the end of the week, maybe!!


On Friday 30th January 2015 I got the car back, the mini has at last been returned to its former glory with a great deal of work done by A & J Lawrence in Portsmouth. Autoglass have at last sent out a competent fitter and the windscreen looks great, so it shows it can be done!


Back home now all the work is done.

I have been compensated by Autoglass for their error and the time the Mini has spent in the garage due to their error, I have also received an apology from Autoglass, long overdue but very welcome all the same!

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