Leeds and Altrincham

It took us 5 hours to get to Leeds and all the way there it was baking hot. We arrived at 8pm so it was too late to take pictures really and I was too tired.

Yesterday morning it was pouring down, I had planned to go to several churches but with it raining so heavily there was no point! I simply could not take the camera out in rain like that.

At lunch time we drove from Leeds to Altrincham  and 90 minute drive and those plans were lost also as the rain just kept on pouring.

For me the trip was very disappointing, no pictures but a lot of driving. I’ll try again soon.

Good morning to all

The website will be closing down in December of this year. I am going to continue to post my pictures but on Facebook. It has been disappointing to only get a few people reading the posts and no comments on the pictures, the whole idea of this expensive platform I suppose?

I will continue to post whilst my current subscription is active but with the selling of the mini and the lack of feedback I feel the website is somewhat of a disappointing extravagance!

That is all 🙂


We are taking Bess back to Wales this weekend, probably our last long drive together.  We are going to visit some friends and then visit a castle or two as we head to Swansea to look at the university as well the mumbles. 

Pictures of that will of course be shared at a later time. 

All ready to sell

At long last I have Bess back home. I took her to Titchfield Abbey on Friday to take the photographs I intend to use to promote her when it comes to her sale in the coming weeks.

i would be very interested in your feedback on the pictures, maybe I could change the shots a little? I am going back to take some of the inside during the week, I’ll share those too once done.

I look forward ward to hearing from you!