Bodium Castle

The idea of this trip was to use Meerkat and stream so that everyone had the opportunity to see this magnificent structure. Sadly the are has no signal whatsoever and as soon as we arrived we knew the stream was a none starter.

The drive to the castle was about two hours but again really enjoyable as the country roads in places were amazing. West Sussex is a stunning county in the south of England with many beautiful areas to enjoy, but this castle, or what remains of it, is stunning.

View of the Castle from the Car Park

The disabled facilities were rather good but limited. The car park had about 5 spaces for the disabled and they other a golf like car to transport you up to the caste itself. I chose not to do that as I wanted to take photographs, and we walked, slowly but we got there in time.

On the foot path heading up hill to the castle.

Once there you are told there are no bathroom facilities until you return to the car park area. Because the area is national Trust they are not allowed to dig into the area. But with a road just behind the cafe that is there I could not see why they have not placed Ports Loos there?

One of the towers

Anyway, the walking around the castle for me was tough going, many narrow pathways and stairs within the grounds. But the pain was well worth it as this was a beautiful place to visit.

They have people dressed in clothing from the 14th Century and the talk about the times, farming, family life etc. But for me the main enjoyment of the trip was the actual building and its stunning surrounding.

Some more pictures for you to enjoy.

The rear of the Castle



Similar shot, but worth another look. Trying to catch the election of the castle in the moat.

From another angle

Another Tower

Looking up.

Some of the remains on the inside

Some of the remains on the inside


The Walkway at the front of the Castle

wonderful effect that window had/has.

A tower but look at the surrounding countryside.

Looking up from the well

The well, you wouldn’t drink from it today!

An upside down observation point, so was the Castle a folly??


Stunning surroundings

Rooftop view

Clear sky’s and another tower

Front view


The mini with the Castle behind, sadly I was not permitted to go any closer.

The ground was sodden, just before I took these pictures a car had to be recovered as it was stuck.

Some postcards which I purchased at the gift shop, some beautiful pictures.

Postcard which I purchased on the day.

Postcard which I purchased on the day.

Postcard which I purchased on the day.

Postcard which I purchased on the day.

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