Bordon has a variety of shops, including three supermarkets, along with other amenities such as petrol stations. Unlike the neighbouring towns of Petersfield, Farnham and Alton it is not historically a market town, and its shops are therefore not focussed in a single district.

The mini in the Military town of Bordon, Hampshire.

Many of the facilities are situated on or near the A325 a former toll road that connects the A3 to towns between Greatham and Farnham. There are also a range of primary and secondary education facilities, primarily Mill Chase Academy. Other local facilities include The Phoenix Theatre, Mill Chase Leisure Centre, and Forest Community Cinema, along with numerous community centres and halls.

Historically, the town was an important army base with a railway station, as is nearby Aldershot. The camp was first laid out in 1899 by the Highland Light Infantry, directed by Royal Engineers, and following interruption by the Second Boer War, was occupied by the army from 1903. The first occupants of Quebec barracks were the Somersetshire Light Infantry, returning from South Africa in April, and the 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment arrived at St. Lucia Barracks from South Africa in June.

Bordon Camp was home to the Canadian Army during both of the world wars and the town is dotted with concrete slabs on which tanks and armoured cars were parked. Bordon is now home to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) providing trade training; both basic and supplementary, to its soldiers. The Longmoor Army Ranges, a large forest with tracks and firing ranges, is south of the town. Bordon camp as it stands currently is due to change with the REME moving most of their training to Lyneham in Wiltshire, this could have a large impact on the town financially.

The town is currently in a poor state with the roads in a poor state, a community that seems to be torn apart by issues unknown to me and a general poor state of repair. Most of the shops on the high street are unsightly fast food outlets though some of the community are trying their best to improve that. A tattooist, a cafe general Hardware store and other have sprung up along with other more welcome outlets. It doesn’t help when the army’s tanks go up and down the streets hitting curbs as they are repaired and causing other damage to the area, but employment is hard to come by in Bordon and the camps provides employment to many of the locals in the Bordon area.

The town is one of the first to consider going green as an ECO town (Read attached)