We drove from Portsmouth to Carlisle on a late Octobers day, beautiful and sunny and still very warm. We stayed in a hotel called The Cumbria Park Hotel. Now I do not normally mention where we stay as it really has nothing to do with the website, but in this instance I thought it deserved a mention. Although the hotel is now old and in need of some decoration the staff were exceptional and could not do enough for us, even though we arrived somewhat late. The evening meal was also to a very high standard, big thank you to them!


On the road leading into the Castle

We drove to Carlisle Castle first thing, we saw a little cobblestone road that led to the main gate of the Castle and drove up it only to realise it was for staff only and we shouldn’t be there. Still we took the opportunity to turn the car around and take some pictures. Funny thing about our mistake was the amount of cars that followed us only to see they had made a mistake also and they also had to turn around as I continued to take the pictures (below).

Carlisle Castle

Parked where it probably shouldn’t be – out the front entrance of the Castle.

We then drove out and parked up in the nearby car park (small fee) and went to the castle itself. Within the walls there is a very nice tourist shop and friendly staff. What we saw of the castle was also very nice, we had a great couple of hours there.


The entrance to Carlisle Castle looking out.

Disappointingly we discovered that Hadrian’s Wall had been taken apart over the years and was no longer in Carlisle, something we wanted to see.


Carlisle Castle in all its glory


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