Crash Bang and Wallop

On the 9th January 2014 I went and dropped off my son on the way to work on leaving the road where he used to live I pulled out in front of a car! My fault? I still do not think so, it was very dark with no street lights on and the other car did not have his headlights on so I did not see him until I took the impact on the front right hand wing of the mini.

image 2

Just after the incident, the damage turned out to be a lot worse than originally thought

The damage to the car was bad enough for the insurance company to write her off, which I was not having! They issued me with a cheque less the salvage value of the car and returned her to me sometime later. Whilst she was with those supposedly looking after her she was left to rot, wet inside and mud everywhere.


Rubbed down and being prepped for her new coat of paint

I contacted C&S Coachworks in a place called Passfield, Hampshire and she was restored to her former glory in about 6 weeks or so.

Resprayed and completed

The finished article, and she is looking so good

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