Dudley – Himley Hall 2014

Dudley 11th May 2014

Today I took the mini to Dudley near Wolverhampton for the Himley Hall get together. The drive took about 4 hours of steady (ish) driving to get there in some awful weather conditions at times, but she drove beautifully.

On arrival I was greeted by hundreds of Mini’s in all sorts of condition and colours, some were simply magnificent, the owners have obviously spent months if not years getting these cars to their current condition.

Many sale stalls were in place selling Mini components, T shirts, Handbags, bags, key rings and so many other Mini related items. Even some fantastic looking Mini’s were for sale, as well as projects waiting to be taken on by the die hard Mini lovers.

I went by myself on this one and only stayed a couple of hours, but I enjoyed it all the same I’m already looking forward to the next event.

I have taken some pictures for you all to look at and enjoy.


Classic Mini’s and BMW’s in the thousands


More Mini’s looking good



Doesn’t she look great


For sale


Mini Limoseen