We only went to Eastbourne because I forgot to put my SD Card back into the camera, no card no pictures, so it was a big mistake on my part.

Saying that however had I not made the mistake we would not have got to see this rathe beautiful and old looking Parish Church, St. Mary the Virgin, not too far away from the Arndale centre where I purchased the new card.

We didn’t really stay too long, just enough time to get the new SD card for the camera and take these pictures. Sadly, I could only take them from the road, I was unable to get to the rear of the church – maybe another day?

I believe the Church to be an old 12th Century building? Looking on Wikipedia, my normal source of information,  I could find very little. I will try and find out more and update the page when I can.

The Church Website

The pictures I took below (Click on any to open the Gallery)