Eglwys Llanrhystud Church

Now and again when we are driving I have what some might consider to be an annoying habit. I see something that looks good/great/wonderful and simply stop. I’ll then dive around the building or whatever it may be and take some pictures of it trying to get information from the building or whatever it may be about the place, website address, history the correct name whatever it may be.

Such a beautiful Church with some stunning surroundings

On this occasion nothing other than the information board outside and a annual report for 2015 they produce and make available for their parishioners which was left for all on a desk, I could find nothing. I love the way the churches leave their doors open, nearly all the time, so much trust!

The name of the church according to the report is EglwysY Plwyf Llanrhystud Parish Church!

Websites (all that I can find)