Some friends of mine invited us to stay at theirs during our travels around the Loch Ness area. I have known Kev and Anna for a long time, all the same I would like to thank them on here for their hospitality over that 3 day period.

We didn’t really have a lot to do in Inverness other than commute though it to get to the appropriate roads required, fuel up and do the odd food and other shopping. Saying that we did call in at Uquhart  Castle on the way to the Loch Ness area


Urquhart Castle is a very picturesque Castle near Inverness, we stopped by it as we travelled between Fort William and Inverness.

Again our stop was short and sweet but the castle is an amazing place attracting hundreds of people to it. For a while it stopped raining enabling us to get out of the car have a quick walk around and then move on to the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre.


Urquhart Castle


That would be me, Urquhart Castle in the background.


Andrea and Emily with Urquhart Castle in the background.

Useful link: Urquhart Castle

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