We went to Leeds for two main reasons, I wanted to see Elland Road the home of Leeds United Football Club which was one of the grounds I had never seen and to visit the set of Emmerdale.

From Edinburgh to Leeds took about 4 hours with the odd break thrown in! We probably went the longest route travelling down the Eastern coastline. I noticed when we went into Scotland the huge banners saying ‘Welcome to Scotland’ yet I never even knew I had entered England until I looked up my location on Google, something I think needs to change! We need a Welcome to England sign!!

We stayed in a Hotel which we booked on Bookings.com called the High Bank Hotel which was in a poor state in parts with renovation works going on. The fees did not reflect that, but all the same it was comfortable and the breakfast was great!

Elland Road was a little disappointing but what did I expect from a football ground lol, we didn’t stay too long but I managed to get to see what I had always wanted to see, just want to go there one day when Stoke City meet them now.


The Mini out front of Elland Road home of Leeds United FC.

The people / actors at the Emmerdale set were very friendly, well those we met, and although it took a while Andrea and Emily managed to have a picture or two with them. Although we tried to get a look at the set itself, which we failed to achieve, the day was somewhat of a success. I even tried to get a drive through part with the Mini, that was accepted as a good idea but maybe for another day! I still await that call – could be a long time coming 😉





More pictures from Elland Road, Leeds.




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