Pembroke Castle

For me this was one of the hardest to walk around, my knee gave way on several occasion as I tried to go up the steep stairs for those views of Pembrokeshire. When we left my knee has swollen and I found it difficult to drive, but I did and now I am home it was all worth it.

As you walk up the slope towards the castle there is a small shop where you can purchase a few item of memorabilia. There are plenty of other such shops outside the castle along with cafe’s, restaurants and other places to eat or drink.

When we arrived there was a clearance party working in the grounds, we think there was a party or concert in the grounds the night before? It did ruin the the visit somewhat as the tents were in the way of a lot of doorways, walls that visitors would probably photograph.

Saying that the trip was very enjoyable as we look at some wonderful views from both and outside of the castle walls.

Pembroke Castle is a medieval castle in Pembroke, West Wales. Standing beside the River Cleddau, it underwent major restoration work in the early 20th century. The castle was the original seat of the Earldom of Pembroke.

In 1093 Roger of Montgomery built the first castle at the site when he fortified the promontory during the Norman invasion of Wales. A century later this castle was given to William Marshal by Richard I. Marshall, who would become one of the most powerful men in 12th-Century Britain, rebuilt Pembroke in stone creating most of the structure that remains today.

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