I used to go to the Sandbanks as a young adult once my father left the army in 1976. My first job was in Parkstone nearby and later Swanage a short ferry ride across the water from Poole. I worked for a fishmongers called Froud’s Fisheries on the High street so our trip here brought back some wonderful memories.

The area Sandbanks is known for the wealth in the area with some houses worth in many of millions of pounds with celebrities like Harry Redknapp choosing to live there due to its locality to the sea and the beautiful surroundings. Tourists from all over the world flood to the award-winning beaches in the summer bring millions of pounds in revenue to the local community.


By sandbanks in the summer of 2014

Our trip to the beach was later in the day as we knew the area was difficult to get parking and we didn’t really want all the crowds there when all we wanted was a quiet hour and some snaps of the mini in front of the beach front. We left Portsmouth and drove down the M27 past Ringwood taking the A31 route through Broadstone and Poole itself. The roads are always busy especially in the summer but it is always worth it when the beaches are this good. The area is surrounded with places where you can go to have something to eat and drink and there is plenty for the children to do, clearly one of my favourite places in Dorset if not England.

Read more about the Sandbanks:

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