Sherborne Castle

The drive was simply outstanding with some of the most beautiful countryside and fantstic roads. The trip took about 2 hours with both traffic and the route taking its toll.

On arrival we had to decide on either the new more modern castle or the Medievil ruins, we went for the more modern castle owned today by the Wingfield Digby family but built by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1594.

The chap on the gate who was supposed to welcome the guest was probably the most rude we have encountered on our travels. Thankfully Andrea got the grief as I sat in the car. We showed him our English Heritage (EH) card but apparently this castle is not part of the EH but we were granted a whopping £1-00 off each. It was also explained that I was disabled and that I had some trouble walking, there was no disabled parking or anything else of note either.

But the Castle itself was really nice with a cafe, shop and the walk around the building, although tough going for me at times, itself was outstanding beauty.

Sadly they do not permit photographs inside the castle but you can see how grand the place is from the pictures I did manage to take from the outside. They have obviously taken pictures of the inside as the shop sold many postcards showing the inside, I decided not to buy any if I can not take my own.

We returned another route eventually joining the A35 back to Portsmouth, but again the drive alone made this trip worth while, outstanding countryside.

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