Stonehenge in Wiltshire has undergone a lot of work these past years making it a huge attraction for tourists, the route to the site is a lovely drive if you come from the Salisbury area like we did.

When we arrived we were directed into the car park paying a £5-00 fee for the parking, which we had returned when we paid to enter the actual site. You get to Stonehenge itself by ‘bus’ which is actually a landrover towing several carriages, comfortable and better than walking up those hills.


Parking area and the ‘entrance’ / shop area

You can borrow a sound device which will give you information about the site, just make sure you go around the monument in the direction of the arrows. The site is roped off to prevent further damage to the stones which has been happening since it was built in the Neolithic period around 2500BC.

How stones might have been moved to site of Stonehenge


How the stones may have been moved to the site where Stonehenge currently stands.

Cafe and memorabilia stores are on site enabling you to spend lots of your hard earned cash on keep sakes, some of which are very impressive. The food in the cafe we found to be rather expensive but all fresh and tasty, so take plenty of cash or something of your own.

Some of the stones

Home is where the heart is… a Neolithic hut

That would be me

For me the disappointing part was being unable to get a picture of the Mini near the Stones for the site, but you can understand why not. I could have pulled up on the A303 opposite and taken a picture but that seemed to me to be pointless as it would have seemed so small in the background. But please take it from me, it was and is an enjoyable day out.

English Heritage page

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