Stoneleigh Park 2014

Stoneleigh Park is in Warwickshire is huge and the event is organised annually by the British Mini Club.

This has to of been my best event so far, you’ll find out why in a minute or so. But I drove from Portsmouth to Warwickshire in under 2 hours, I think it rained the whole way but on arrival it stopped raining and it eventually turned out to be a chilly but nice day.

I think this meet is the largest of the year, but then I do not attend them all. But thousands of cars decent upon this place as there are so many stalls, all of which are in doors. A raffle is held at most (if not all) the brush Mini Club events, £1 per ticket and the one drown out of the barrel / bucket / hat wins. This year that was me!! 🙂


Me after just being given the keys to my new Mini Ritz – Now sold 

It was actually rather funny to have won it as I was winding Whizzo up telling him I was going to win it all day as my initials were already on the car, to actually win it mind was wonderful, though somewhat soured in the days and weeks ahead.

The prize came with road tax and insurance the company offering the insurance withdrew it the following day and the road tax never happened either! But in all the Mini is fantastic, it did have a few issues but new tyres and some other work done to it made this car drive like a dream. (Enough of my glory)

The show seems to have many people attend with their mini’s for sale, I even considered buying one of them myself. I mention that as this gathering has a bit of everything that is Mini related and I recommend it to you all.


How cute is this! And a stunning yellow.


Another beautiful mini


Not my choice but well done all the same