Why the Mini

Well many years ago my Grandmother ‘Flo’ had a Mini Cooper in Green and she used to drive us around Bredbury, Stockport and Manchester like a mad women, I suppose from those days I grew to love the Mini! I remember being on the School bus to Rinteln in Germany reading a magazine which had been left on the seat about the Mini and the different models that were available, I don’t suppose for one minute I understood a word of that magazines content but I do remember being really interested.

I joined the army in 1978 and got my driving licence a couple of years later and rushed out and purchased the first car I ever had which was a blue VW Beetle she was short lived and if I recall correctly ended up on the forks of a fork lift being taken out of camp to the dump.

Then my gorgeous primrose VW Sirocco, o my that baby could move I paid a fortune for her to be finely tuned so she purred. I drove her all over Germany but eventually sold her as I saw a Mini sitting in the NAAFI car park and memories flooded back once again. It was about 1984 I bit the bullet and purchased my first Mini a Mayfair in Silver. I have to say I had several issues with her but the main one was the steering wheel wobble was the main thing. I did not have alloys on her and although I kept having the car checked nothing could improve it, and alloys were at the time hard to come by or very expensive and such an issue matters when you have to drive from Berlin back to Poole in the UK for leave. With regret I let her go in a swap with a friend called Rae Ainscow who was leaving the army for a Capri.

I have recently tried to find her with no luck, the problem was she was not registered in the UK until Rae returned and he has sadly passed away with the UK registration number in his mind. His wife has no pictures or recollection of the number and I have no documentation showing the chassis number so the search was short lived, though not yet given up.

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